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Victorious Porn Story: Victorious Lemons

Victorious Porn Story: Victorious Lemons

Tori had invited Andre over to her house after school. They were both working on homework in her living room. Andre for a Shakespeare class and Tori…for a different class.

“Ugh.” Tori said throwing her textbook down.

“What, do you need help?” Andre asked.

“No, I-I’m fine.” Tori said picking up her book.

“Are you sure?” Andre said reaching for the book.

“Look, I said I was fine.”

“Come on just give me the book.”

“No, Stop Andre! Andre if you don’t…” Tori didn’t get to finish her sentence before Andre grabbed the book from her hands, they both sat in awkward silence.

“Now I see why you…didn’t want my help.” Andre said handing her back the Sex Ed. book.

Tori and Andre continued to work in silence until Tori broke the silence. Continue reading

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